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Communal Systems - Flats, Apartments, Care Homes

Integrated Reception Systems (IRS) TV, allows you to receive programming straight from the satellite. This is used in, for example, blocks of apartments or other similar dwellings (often rented or leased) where it makes sense to share a satellite dish. The external aerial feeds into a specialist distribution unit and then to each flat.

A media socket in each living room gives the full complement of TV services – including Freeview, Satellite and Freesat – as well as the signalling for FM/DAB radio.

Launch amp and multi switch devices create a connection point for each apartment, this system sends all components down the cable to each flat, i.e. Freeview, Satellite and DAB and FM radio signals. The Illustration below shows typical media face plate which would be fitted in the apartment lounge from a IRS (integrated reception systems) communal system. 

The illustration to the right is a typical Communal System setup, a Freeview aerial, a Radio DAB/FM aerial and a Sky/ Freesat Dish located together on the property, providing an (IRS) Multiswitch with all the signals cascading them from that one distribution point to the separate apartments/ flats, via the faceplates. (Pictured left)