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Freesat was created to ensure everyone can have the best of satellite digital TV.

  Freesat picks up over 200 free channels via a Satellite Dish ranging from a Zone 1 Sky Satellite Dish to a 1m dish in those difficult signal areas.

 Freesat is jointly owned by ITV and the BBC and launched in May 2008. Since the launch they have strived to bring the best of TV to your homes completely subscription free. Their mission is simple; great TV should be free from monthly bills and that you should be able to watch what you want when you want.

With over 150 TV & radio channels including 6 HD channels, all subscription free, you will never be at a loss for top quality programmes to watch. The Freesat+ boxes give you all that as well as the ability to pause and rewind live TV and record your favourite shows.

What’s more selected Freesat boxes and TVs bring you brilliant On Demand TV from the BBC, ITV, and YouTube.

And now, the smart new TV guide available on selected Freesat+ with "free time" boxes, allows you to find more of the TV you love, faster than ever before and still completely subscription free. With a Backwards TV Guide, On Demand TV, 

Clever Recording and TV picks to tempt you from Showcase, it makes watching TV simple and entertaining, as it should be.

Because innovation is at the heart of everything they do, they are constantly seeking out new ideas to improve the service and deliver brilliant TV for everyone.


Choose Freetime - our award winning smart TV Guide and you'll unlock a world of smart features that put you in control of the TV you watch. Now available on Panasonic TVs as well as set top boxes. Missed your favourite program then search and watch it when it suits you with the brilliant On-Demand Service.

It's the TV guide for people who really value their free time.

FREESAT APP - Now available, watch on your Smartphone & Tablets wherever you are.

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How Freesat Works
  • 1. Choose your Freesat box or a TV with a Freesat Tuner.
  • 2. Connect it to your satellite dish.
  • Find out more about satellite installation here.
  • 3. Sit back and relax, with over 200 subscription free TV and radio channels.
  • That's £0 a month, every month.
Freesat boxes

Choose a Freesat+ HD box if you want the freedom to pause, rewind & record TV, subscription free.

If you'd like to roll back the TV Guide through the past seven days of TV and watch programmes from a range of On Demand services, choose a smart set-top box.