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Satellite Broadband Installation & Servicing

Lakeland Aerials have teamed up with Bentley Walker Ltd, allowing us to provide our local area with the benefits of Satellite Broadband and also to have a local company to deal with their requirements.

Bentley Walker are now Europe's largest re-seller of satellite internet equipment. They not only supply and install equipment but have a large number of subscribers to their own satellite internet service which was established in 1999. Offering the complete package to customers is labour intensive but it allows for an unparalleled level of service. Bentley Walker have also designed a number of customer friendly alternatives to deal with the inevitable problems that arise from the provision of satellite internet. One of these solutions addresses the problem of viruses attacking users systems. Many users are located in remote locations and may be unable to react to the standard one day notice period before being cut off. Bentley Walker offer their users a short time to react but then, rather than cutting them off entirely, limit their usage to a minimal capacity so that they are able to go on line and download the necessary software. This is just one example of Bentley Walker's desire to be a company that first and foremost meet the needs of the user.

Bentley Walker is a family run business based on Hayling Island on the South Coast of England. Bentley Walker was founded in 1947 and recently celebrated its 60th year in business. The company begun by selling electronic and radio equipment and in the 1980's branched out into the provision and installation of satellite television with a focus on the Middle Eastern market. Bentley Walker were among the first companies to provide satellite broadband services when the technology was launched in Europe in 1999. Quick up take of the latest technology and a focus on customer service has taken this company from humble beginnings to global success. They are known both locally and globally for their expert opinion and excellent service. The combination of these two things has remained key to their continuing growth over the years.

2012 saw the launch of Bentley Walker's own exlcusive Ka-band service, Freedomsat. Freedomsat brings all the speed and coverage advantages of Ka-band to users across Africa and the Middle-east. Working with resellers and distribution partners across the region, Bentley Walker are offering bring a new standard of internet access to previously under-served regions.

Bentley Walker are always quick off the mark; they are known by suppliers and customers alike for their trend setting uptake of new technology. The company still sell electronic goods through a retail shop based in the original location on Hayling Island, but entrepreneurialism has led their business to the front of a highly competitive worldwide market. Commentators have described Bentley Walker as the company that other re-sellers would like to be or beat and the most attractive partner for any wholesaler today.

Bentley Walker have had a lot of experience trading in the Middle East and a high proportion of their new satellite internet business comes from that area. Despite difficult trading conditions during the global recession Bentley Walker have remained at the forefront of the industry. They have now expanded their business to focus on Afghanistan and Africa. Bentley Walker have a number of business partners and re-sellers of their products across the world, resulting in almost complete global coverage. All of the partners have to undertake training courses to ensure that they meet the high standards that this industry requires. Many people have benefited from the global availability of Bentley Walker's services. In particular military personnel on active service and remote communities have benefited from the provision of reliable satellite broadband and 24/7 customer service over the last few years.

Widest choice of networks

Proud partners with Avanti, delivering high speed KA band services in the UK, Europe and beyond. Avanti is a pioneer in the application of Ka-band satellite technology Using the latest generation Hylas fleet of satellites to deliver fast satellite broadband services.


Tooway™ is a bi-directional high speed satellite internet service for internet access. Bi-directional means that receive and transmit functions are performed via the satellite; therefore there is no need for a telephone line. Tooway Broadband covers the majority of Europe including the UK.


Freedomsat is a high-capacity satellite internet solution that delivers fast and reliable internet to difficult to connect spots around the world. Freedomsat uses the latest Ka-, Ku- and C-band technology to deliver focused coverage across Africa, South America and the Middle East.


The Hughes HX and HN incorporates the most up to date satellite broadband technology ensuring a fast efficient connection at the best price available.


Bentley Walker are the international ISP for YahClick, a ground breaking Ka Band service from Middle East Telecommunications specialists YahSat

If you have recently moved house and you've brought your Satellite Broadband Dish & equipment with you, we can re-install it and get it setup and working again at your new address, (Subject to Line-of-Sight). If you need longer coaxial cabling or different wall-mounting equipment we can provide it, so it takes the stress away from you. For more information or to discuss your Dish re-installation just give us a call and we'll be happy to help & advise. 01768 631901 or 07807650053.

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